My works are marble statuary in both classical and contemporary styles. Marble statues, busts, sacred and funerary art, marble furniture and fireplaces, wedding gifts, etc.

They are fruit of my own ideas and visions, and of the ideas and inspirations of those who commissioned my artistic work, and they have all been created with passion and gratitude for plastic art.



I am a marble sculptor, and I’ve been sculpting marble statues and carving other artwork for customers from all around the world since 1980. Besides creating and selling my own artworks, I also meet clients’ needs for tailor-made sculpture.

I consider myself an heir of the time-honoured tradition of marble-carving that has won Verona its fame worldwide, and I come from a family that have been enriching this legacy for five generations.
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Each work that comes from under my chisel is a fruit of the union of two souls: that of my client’s and mine.

Oscar Sandri

From vision to reality

People come to me with an idea, a vision, a dream that they would like to give life to and materialize. So I try to find out the most important issues that they would like to elaborate and express in marble.
I start sketching and drawing according to their sensations and to the feedback I receive from them on viewing what appears from under my pencil. I continue elaborating the drawing till the original idea takes more and more clear and defined form to culminate in a creation of a three-dimensional model.

The journey from a dream to a completed work in marble is a continuous and dynamic process. And it takes two, the sculptor and the client, to fulfil it. There is an ongoing dialogue between the two of us. In a sense, each work that comes from under my chisel is a fruit of the union of two souls: that of my client’s and mine. I prefer discerning clients, with original ideas, those who consistently challenge you, audacious and daring people, people of great resolve – to experience dreaming and creating together.

I strongly believe that only a real work of art can elicit emotions. If it doesn’t, then it rests just a piece of rock, a shaped piece, technically even perfect maybe, but still a rock. But if on seeing my work again years later I never get tired to look at it, well then those outlines and that piece of marble can be called a piece of art.

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Antitesi design lab aspires to reimagine excellent craftsmanship through the fusion of Made in Italy design and quality, the evocation of Italy’s artistic cultural heritage and landscape, and technological innovation.

Antitesi is a project by Oscar Sandri, sculptor and artisan, in collaboration with Francesco Marchioro, Sculptor and VFX artist and Giulia Zampieri, Strategic, product and graphic designer.
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Via Polveriera, 23
37010 Rivoli Veronese – Verona (Italy)