Via Polveriera, 23 - 37010 Rivoli Veronese, Verona (Italy)

Religious Art


My strong point has always been sacred art and I have had the pleasure of creating works that have found their home throughout the world.

I make tombstones, family memorials, uncommon niches, urns in figurative and abstract style, using the most sought-after marble and stone. I work on commission, either carrying out the entire project myself or helping my customers to design and develop a theme dear to them, giving priority to their needs. Initially, a sketch drawing is always made, then I present the final design and only after customers’ approval do I move on with the execution of the work.

Upon request, I can execute the on site installation or provide an installation manual and a tutorial video.

I can praise myself in having reached highest points in making sacred artifacts of different religions and cultures through my competence and skill. My works are countless and made in various styles: altars, pulpits, baptistry seats, holy water fonts and stoups, bas-reliefs, cornices and ledges, statues, etc.

I create works, based on designs by great professionals and artists who provide us with their drawings and models and point out the highlights of their project development, and through my experience I help them to even overcome some difficulties.

Once the work is completed, it requires careful packing and then it’s ready for either domestic or worldwide shipping.

Il committente ha richiesto quest'opera per la casa rimasta intatta dal terremoto del 2012 in Emilia Romagna

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.

Michelangelo Buonarroti



Sacred art can convey great emotions. These two crosses facing each other express all the strength and sweetness of a last hug.

Russian Orthodox Icon Case


The icon of Saint Euphemia the Great Martyr is encased in this ornate kiot in gilded Trani marble, and was donated by the Russian Orthodox Church of Verona to the Church of St.Euphemia in Verona.

Altar, pulpit and clergy chairs


Made on the occasion of Pope Benedict XVI’s Pastoral Visit to Verona in March 2007.

Madonna and Child


Stylized Madonna with child in white Sivec marble, sitting on a red Verona marble drape, serving as a symbol of protection.

Saint Mary Of the Immaculate Conception Altar


In December 2013 I finished a long work of installation of the altar of Our Patroness Immaculate Mary, the patroness of Lugana di Sirmione church. My commissioner wanted to keep the memories of his mother alive and thus decided to repair and renew the old chapel.

All the repair and restoration work to be carried out was planned together with structural engineer Claudio Toniolo, who supervised the whole restoration process as well. I chose Trani Bronzetto marble for its delicate contrasts and Rosso Verona marble to impart strength and uprightness to the structure.

The Saviour


A monumental Carrara marble statue of Christ-the-Saviour is 4 meters tall and commemorates the events of 2012, when a terrible earthquake struck Emilia Romania, but the statue’s commissioner’s home miraculously remained intact. I started the project with a 60 cm marble model. The final 4 meter statue placed in front of the old mansion has some peculiarities: a major attention has been given to Christ’s face in attempt to render his eyes as deep and intense as possible so that their power would enhance with time when some areas of marble would darken. His big, strong hands of a labourer symbolize hard work, fatigue and sacrifice.

Single Upright Grave Markers


Some examples of single upright marble headstones.

Considering your requests, I will recommend you through my experience and competence and assist you in choosing a marker that best suits your family and your’s personal wishes and tastes.

Come and visit me, you can live the experience of touching my artworks with your own hands!