Via Polveriera, 23 - 37010 Rivoli Veronese, Verona (Italy)


I was born in Switzerland in 1966 and now I live and work in Rivoli Veronese, a small village located on the hills of Lake Garda. I belong to a family of stonemasons who since the early 1900s have been carving marble with passion and dedication, qualities that have been passed down through the generations right up to my father, Leonello. I spent my childhood with him, breathing that artistic air that generated in me the growing desire to sculpt and to continue this fantastic family tradition. When I turned 14 I started working with my father, my best teacher. It’s from him that I learned the principles of the art of sculpting and inherited a great passion for sculpture. I attended the evening course at Verona Artistic Lyceum, and after graduating I continued my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of Verona and attended modelling and sculpture courses at the Cademia Art School in Urtijëi. My studies allowed me to open to and to get familiar with various conceptions and movements in plastic art and broadened my horizons of creativity, they granted me the access to meet various needs and develop projects for private clients, artists, architects and professionals by creating works that reflect their desires. My hands have led me to participate in international events and exhibitions and build a wide variety of contacts, thus helping me to create works that have found homes worldwide. Thanks to my skills I have received several awards including that of MASTER CRAFTSMAN of the Veneto region.

Oscar Sandri Scultore