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After a 40 year experience, I project fountain execution bearing in mind a simple idea: it must be beautiful, harmoniously blend with its surroundings, easy to maintain and last in time.

Thus reasoning I have been making fountains for gardens, squares, malls, villas and residential houses, as well as indoor fountains for spa centres, hotels, sunrooms and nymphaeums,- anywhere the sound of water is pleasant to the ear. The artwork styles range from classical to contemporary, to rustic. I’m very scrupulous in choosing proper marble types both for their colour and density, since the final product must be aesthetically pleasing and functional. My approach is customer-oriented and I try to comprehend their desire and needs and make some preliminary drafts. Once they show their consent, I present the execution drawing and after the customer’s approval I start the work.

When necessary, I provide an installation manual and a tutorial video, and accord assistance upon request .

Once the work is completed, it requires careful packing and then it’s ready for either domestic or worldwide shipping.

I am also skilled in repair and restoration of old fountains and I revive their bygone charm, using tools and working procedures of the time.

Fontane in marmo

I arrived in a square
crowned with a sovereign thing,
a gorgeous fountain
and wild merrymaking within.

Carlo Betocchi

La Romantica


Some years ago a German couple came to visit my show room. They asked me to make a blooming rose fountain for their garden. It was destined to become a mutual gift on the occasion of their wedding anniversary. I must say that it was a very rewarding experience as I had the liberty of developing the project and choosing materials.

I decided to sculpture the roses of the fountain in high relief, inserting them in a classical casing as a recurring element. I chose marble from Trani, which is known for its soft colour and for being weatherproof, and should say that it proved to be the most appropriate choice for this elegant fountain.

Breath of Aeolus


This fountain found its home in the relaxation hall (tepidarium) of an innovative day spa centre. It personifies the idea of the union of two elements essential to life: water and air. The Trani marble sculpture represents a whirlwind that rises around a column of water. The water, on its part, gives an impression of spiring up and after having reached the peak, gliding freely and silently down the steel pole. Proper illumination helps to create an aesthetic effect of alchemy between the water and the air: the breath of the lord of the winds Aeolus gives birth to the whisper of the Water.

Star Anise


I carved this singular drinking fountain for a modern spa centre. I chose a star anise as its prototype: just like its fruit germs from under the ground so the flower shaped basin of the fountain seems to raise straight out the paved floor. This work in yellow Mori marble is homed in the spa center’s relaxation hall, so that people coming of the sauna can quench their thirst.

Rough cut rock fountain


Simplicity is a form of beauty.

A fountain with water spigot in Verona marble, cut out of a single rock.

Classical fountain


An example of a traditional two-tiered design fountain with water sprouting from the finial and splashing in the round pool. Its soft and sober lines will surely enhance the elegance of your garden.

Rough cut rock fountain


A fountain cut from a rough single rock of red Verona marble, hollowed to create the water basin and a hid compartment for the water pump.

The decorative ducklings were cut out of another piece of marble and fixed to the basin.

Wall fountain


Some examples of marble wall fountains with a water spigot.

I make wall fountains, ranging in architectural style from classical to contemporary, which will embellish any garden or add to your home’s facade.

Come and visit me, you can live the experience of touching my artworks with your own hands!