Via Polveriera, 23 - 37010 Rivoli Veronese, Verona (Italy)

My works



I offer sculptures on commission, made of various types of marble both in classical and contemporary styles.

I begin with a model, a photograph or a drawing provided by the customer, and according to their needs, I first draw a sketch, then form a model in clay to proceed with molding in plaster or resin and finally I carve it in marble.


Religious Art

My strong point has always been sacred art and I have had the pleasure of creating works that have found their home throughout the world.

I make tombstones, family memorials, uncommon niches, urns in figurative and abstract style, using the most sought-after marble and stone. I work on commission, either carrying out the entire project myself or helping my customers to design and develop a theme dear to them, giving priority to their needs. Initially, a sketch drawing is always made, then I present the final design and only after customers’ approval do I move on with the execution of the work.



After a 40 year experience, I project fountain execution bearing in mind a simple idea: it must be beautiful, harmoniously blend with its surroundings, easy to maintain and last in time.

Thus reasoning I have been making fountains for gardens, squares, malls, villas and residential houses, as well as indoor fountains for spa centres, hotels, sunrooms and nymphaeums,- anywhere the sound of water is pleasant to the ear.



With the word FURNITURE I would like to indicate all the indoor and outdoor artworks that in unique and original ways add to and emphasize one’s lifestyle.

I can develop any idea or project that the customer proposes to me, from classical to contemporary styles, and in case my customers should have difficulty in expressing their ideas they can always rely on my creativity and experience to make their dream come true. 


Marble solutions for public and private entities

I make monuments for organizations and associations, business signs, entrance portals, distinctive flooring. My work is customer-oriented and project-based, either on already existing projects or I can help my customer with developing their own idea, always giving priority to their needs.

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