Via Polveriera, 23 - 37010 Rivoli Veronese, Verona (Italy)


This work is dedicated to Sara Simeoni, a world and olympic champion in high-jumping. The Town Council of Rivoli Veronese, her hometown, wanted to enhance the value of the new local Sports Centre dedicated to Sara Simeoni with something that would symbolize her principle victories.

This work is very particular. It features different types of marble that come from different parts of the world. Their colour and their origin are symbolic, and the symbolism excels both in form and in substance: the elite marble from Trani, in Apulia, used in both the main stele and the medal collection for victories at the Mediterranean Games; the Striate marble from Greece (the birthplace of the Olympic Games) for indoor championship triumphs; while for the European Championship victories I used a Brazilian marble. The coppery-red Verona marble served as a background for results at the Universiades, and the mahogany-red marble from Trento lays a special emphasis on the world record. There is also an evident allusion to Italy: the whole structure rests on three marble blocks of three different colours: red, white and green, which recall the colours of the Italian flag. This monument represents that legendary 2,01 meter jump, that became a new world record of the time.