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I offer sculptures on commission, made of various types of marble both in classical and contemporary styles.

I begin with a model, a photograph or a drawing provided by the customer, and according to their needs, I first draw a sketch, then form a model in clay to proceed with molding in plaster or resin and finally I carve it in marble.

I go through the same work stages when making busts, but in this case I need photographs or a portrait of the person in question. My father trained me in traditional stone carving methods and I use hand tools for all my works, but I’m also skilled in the use of the latest techniques.

I like to create works that are fruit of my inspirations through which I express my creativity and you can find them exhibited in my workshop.
I also interact with other artists and sculptors and create artworks using their drawings or models.

Once the work is completed, it requires careful packing and then it’s ready for either domestic or worldwide shipping.


When humanity lets itself be guided by art, its dreams will have no limits.

Oscar Sandri

Harmonious Thoughts


In this work I tried to represent the intersections of my thoughts in an attempt to create a solid and harmonious structure that somehow recalls my life values.

Pensieri in Armonia | Scultura in marmo trani

Athlete’s Take-off


In this sculpture I wanted to immortalize a female Olympic champion in the highest of her splendor, expressed with a single gesture, in a frozen movement. But the transition from the idea to the completed work wasn’t that easy as it may seem. The difficulty lay in rendering the airiness of the push and take-off moment, and I’m proud of succeeding in the challenge.

This sculpture symbolizes life energy and dynamism. White Carrara marble has proved to be a great choice for its pure and noble colour.

Lifelong Friends


This work was commissioned by the friends and colleagues of two business partners who followed a long and profitable path both in work and in personal affections. To honour their memory and to emphasize their success story this statue was placed in the company’s conference room. It represents a cordial handshake and symbolizes strength, loyalty, ambition and tenacity of purpose, as well as the other people’s respect for them. I chose a special Nembro marble streaked with red as an allusion to all sorts of ordeals and challenges that they had to meet and either win or lose, as if these were scars testifying and crowning their rich life experience.



I carved a son’s love for his father in milky white marble so that this love passes down from generation to generation without ever fading.

Busto | Scultura in marmo bianco di Carrara

Violin stand


A drape carved in glossy and translucent onyx to heighten its soft delicate folds on which a precious violin rests.

Porta violino | Scultura in marmo rosa Portogallo
Porta violino | Scultura in marmo rosa Portogallo

Two Souls In a Heart


Any parent’s biggest dream is to see their children happy, and this sculpture was meant as a good luck charm given by the parents to their newly-wed children. I chose red Verona marble, that would serve to express the idea of warmth, passion and love. I also came up with a peculiar solution of using two different marble shades to symbolize the union of two souls. The opening at the bottom part of the heart has its meaning as well: the family hearth is open for their future children. You’ll notice that the marble is hollowed inside: it homes a light that emphasizes a slight transparency of the marble and its difference in shade. The play of lights and shades produces a ravishing effect of a mysterious aura.

Humanity In a Symbol


Language allows us to express our ideas, our beliefs, our feelings, but it also serves to transmit our knowledge and our history. If we think of all the languages and alphabets in the world, both fallen into oblivion and still existing, then yes, the language represents a kind of family tree of humanity.

I had evaluated several sketches, drafts and models in polystyrene before arriving at the final model, which I made of red Verona marble. Now this sculpture, which might seem a bit bizarre, is part of an installation that also includes a large educational screen that tells the experiences of the world through the millennia of civilization history.



Seashells don’t speak, and yet those simple sounds that you hear in them describe the entire ocean.

Nassarius | Scultura in marmo rosso mogano

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